Pranil Mudaliar, CMI
780.243.0121 or 1.877.820.0121
Professional Inspections Done Right
Certified Master Home Inspectors
Certified Mold Inspectors
Certified Thermal Imaging
Certified Ozone Treatment
Full Error & Omissions Coverage
Licensed & Bonded Inspectors

Why Hire Me

What You Can Expect

  1. A Complete top to bottom visual Inspection of all components of the property
  2. Confidence in being aware of any defects and existing conditions
  3. Trained, Qualified Inspector with ongoing education.
  4. Flexibility… Your schedule is my schedule
  5. Value for your money
  6. Unbiased opinion… I am looking after your interests, and yours alone
  7. Peace of mind… knowing your decision is based on the knowledge of an informed decision
  8. Respect for your property and your needs

What You Will Receive

  1. A complete report, both written and verbal
  2. Confidential Service
  3. Qualified Inspector
  4. Thorough & Detailed Inspection
  5. Professional & Prompt Service
  6. FREE after inspection phone support
  7. FREE copies of information and home maintenance supplements